the big PT

Although we did this 3 months ago, I wanted to document it so I could remember this milestones in Maggie girls life. She is officially Potty trained!!!
It was a new years goal of hers and mine so on January 3rd (at 27 months) we decided to give it a go! Maggie was never too interested in the potty before training, never really even peed in the toilet before that, but I knew she was smart enough to understand the concept. A lot of people said to not push it until she shows interest and others were saying she should be potty trained already. I thought it was worth a few days of trying and if she didn't take to it I would be willing to wait a few more months. No pressure. I did some research online and pinterest and found this awesome blog I followed on her potty training technique Here.
We started the day like normal and after breakfast I brought out the "potty doll". The doll whispered to me that she had to go potty. She went pee in the little potty (thanks to a siring i filled up with olive oil behind her) and I got super excited for her!!! The doll got a treat and put on cute big girl undies. I asked Mags if she wanted to be like the doll and try on the undies. She was so excited!! The blog suggested to have them drink as much as possible that day, with the help of salty snacks, so that they are on the potty every 30 minutes or so. After the first 2 or 3 times of me insisting she goes on the potty she eventually just told me through out the day when she needed to go. 
Here we are eating our yummy salty snacks and dancing to music.
We filled the day with fun activities to keep the excitement there. Every time she would go in the potty I would freak out with excitement and she would get a princess sticker and 2 reeses pieces. 
I got a little too confident and 3pm and started cleaning up in the storage room with her. It had been a little more than an hour when I heard her gasp and turned around the see her peeing. "I pee!! I pee!" I could tell she was so concerned and disappointed in herself. She didn't want to pee on the princess of minnie mouse! (on her underwear). "Minnie sad?" she would say. That was her only accident for the day! I was so proud of her.
Since then, there has been good streaks of no accidents for weeks, to sometimes an accident or two a day on random days. It's a roller coaster, but all in all it wasn't a bad experience for us. It's so fun to watch her grow up and experience these fun milestones together. 

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Becky Madill said...

She is adorable!! And you are lucky!! My girls have been TERRIBLE to potty train!!!